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Here's some starter rules, now go make and play YOUR game.

It's a simple fantasy tabletop roleplaying game designed to act as a basic chassis on which to construct one's own home game with supplements, homebrew, and house rules. It is Powered By The Apocalypse and Forged In The Dark, though to a very stripped down degree. It aims to be a successor to DungeonWorld and be as OSR compatible as possible.

It’s 8 pages so it can be printed full size, as 2 sheet zine, or as 1 sheet folded booklet. It’s offered under a CreativeCommons Zero license (aka Public Domain) which means you can do whatever the fuck you like with it and you don’t have to pay or even attribute anyone if you don’t want to. And this version is open for comment and suggestions on Google Docs so we can update it and make it better with the community’s help. We also have a community wiki available at https://dungeonpunk.xyz where folks can collate community content for the game if they want.

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This first version you see in front of you was written by Ash McAllan with design guidance by Sidney Icarus, editing by Melody Watson, and art by Clover Greenhalgh.

We're releasing this as part of 2021's Zinequest3 but we're not kickstarting it cause Ash thinks Kickstarter is a weird and bad idea for games in general, let alone zines. Print this and play it. Mod it. House-rule it. Contribute to the Google Doc. Make a supplement, a class, a scenario, an expansion, a hack, a remix, a compendium. Make it feral. Make it queer. Make it black, asian, indigenous, diasporic. Make it fat. Make it disabled. Make it yours. Because you don't need me, us, or any kind of corporation to play. We can help out but the game you play belongs to you, we shouldn't get in your way.

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