Single Column Layout And Simpler Armaments!

Hi lovely people!

Today's update is a relatively small one but improves a couple of things we've noticed from playtests both online and at PAX Aus, mainly focused on shorter one shot games. Firstly we've changed the layout to a single column A5 sheet so that people can read it easier with PDF readers in different page display modes and also so that the design of the game and it's text is less constrained by the layout of the three column page. Secondly, we've simplified Armaments. Rather than tracking the dice for all armaments all the time, we've just made armaments always count for a single dice of your choice which doesn't automatically die on failure. Armaments can still be taken away, damaged, or broken but this should be the result of a compromise or the GM Making Things Happen. Lastly, we've added a Quick Play page with a shorter set of character creation questions and an adventure prompt for the GM so you can get things running a bit quicker if you've only got 2-4 hours to play total.

We hope you like these adjustments and we'd love to get your feedback and hear about your games!


Ashton McAllan and The Republic


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Nov 27, 2017

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