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A massively multiplayer single player tabletop computer roleplaying game by Ash McAllan · By acegiak


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Loading Screens and Simpler Endgame
This update is mostly small fixes and tweaks making loading screens work, adjusting the costs for a couple of endgame recipes, and fixing some typos in a couple...
4 files
Endgame Titles
Made clues for descending towards end game challenges more common and added 4 types of title to be awarded for completing them. One for each kind of challenge...
4 files
So this update has been in the works for so long that I've actually probably forgotten some of the changes but the big things are as follows: If there's too muc...
4 files
level gen crash fix
Small update to fix a crash during level generation...
4 files
A massively multiplayer single player tabletop computer roleplaying game by Ash McAllan
Enlightenment Update
This update adds the ability for characters to achieve enlightenment. You will find instructions for doing so on the first floor of the Ruins if that's a thing...
4 files
Ancient Tech Update
- Ancient tech now does more stuff - Workshops now appear - Clues to deep mysteries appear more often...
4 files
determinism bugfixes
This update re-seeds both ruin contents and history. Unfortunately that means historical notes from previous builds will be no-longer accurate. On the plus side...
4 files
balance update and bugfixes
- multiple items providing the same bonus type no longer stack - file logging is now enabled - senses of advantage are now about things - fixed a bug with game...
4 files
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During this current period of isolation due to COVID-19, meeting with others in the physical world in order to commune w...
started by acegiak Apr 24, 2020
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A couple of bugs, I didn't get a picture of the second one but the first one was just a little lighting glitch you can s...
started by rhysmakesthings Apr 25, 2020
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On macOS Catalina (10.15.4), v1.0 won't run, but it looks like that's because / isn't mark...
started by Adam Blinkinsop Apr 24, 2020
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