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Echo Down is an experimental Roguelike and Town Building game where your version of the town you construct becomes the basis of other player’s dungeons. Construct your village, and explore the ruins below your town to scavenge new materials to expand it to attract other adventurers to it.

Echo Down was started for 7DRL 2021 but we took a little bit more than a week and while it's quite playable it's certainly not a finished product. We're planning on working on it more.

Manual (Google Drive)

Use Arrow keys or numpad to move. Use the mouse or number keys to select items and actions from your inventory. You will need to press a movement key after selecting an item or action to indicate where you would like to use that item or action. That means you need to "Use" on the stairs to climb them.

Echo Down is made by Ash McAllan(@acegiak), Keith Evans(@kaynSD), and Clover Greenhalgh(@clovergreenhalgh) and is partially inspired by Moirai by Chris Johnson.


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Version 16
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Version 5
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Version 16
EchoDown.zip 28 MB
Version 16
Legacy.zip 94 MB

Development log


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When I loaded the game, it was a login screen and I couldn't get past it

We're currently trying to upgrade our server backend systems so they're down until we can get that repaired.

Tried to check in on the latest version and I seem to get stuck at the login screen. Launched from command line and I get:

Godot Engine v3.2.3.stable.mono.official - https://godotengine.org OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL ES 2.0 Batching: ON   Mono: Log file is: '/home/magus/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/ProjectEcho/mono/mono_logs/2021_04_22 13.57.49 (824880).txt' Stone Sprite tried to create sprite with no base texture Sprite has no texture to add Border to. ERROR: get_as_text: File must be opened before use.    At: core/bind/core_bind.cpp:2087. ERROR: parse: Error parsing JSON at line 0:     At: core/bind/core_bind.cpp:3284. ERROR: mono_object_to_variant_impl: Attempted to convert an unmarshallable managed type to Variant. Name: 'Task`1' Encoding: 21.    At: modules/mono/mono_gd/gd_mono_marshal.cpp:887. key:world_downright (1, 1) key:ui_cancel ERROR: mono_object_to_variant_impl: Attempted to convert an unmarshallable managed type to Variant. Name: 'Task`1' Encoding: 21.    At: modules/mono/mono_gd/gd_mono_marshal.cpp:887.
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Does stuck mean that when you click login nothing happens? If so you might have your password wrong? cause that's currently a silent failure.  Try checking your password or creating a new account with a new email?

I remembered my password hadn't been what I thought, so, yes, that was it, works fine now. I had tried creating a new account with an alternate email unsuccessfully, but I suspect that was user error.

Really excited to play this game! How long does it take to load? I'm on Mac, it just says "Remain Patient" but it's been almost 10 minutes.

That's a fun bug! I'll have to work out a way to reproduce it. Are you able to run it from a terminal window to see the debug output?

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Turns out it was user error! Load Village was checked, not Generate Village, so there was nothing to load. However after getting killed 3 times the game quit. I just reopened it and I spawned topside with my inventory intact.

yeah sometimes it crashes if there's an interrupt to the network communication. I'm working on a fix I'm hoping to have out this sometime this long weekend.

Can you confirm what you have changed since the end of the 7DRL jam? We're currently going through a process of rating all successful 7DRLs, and it's hard to fairly compare those finished within the 168 hours and those worked on after. If we knew what had been changed (or if there was a 7DRL build) that would help.

Oh! Yes of course!

In the original version we didn't have the skill system working. This meant that all weapons did the same as the punch attack, and npcs would just sell an axe, bow, or spear. Items such as building tiles or equipment were dropped randomly by enemies because crafting didn't exist on account of it requiring skill levels to use. Skeletons also defaulted to acting as they now do 5 levels deep in the dungeon.

I've uploaded "Legacy.zip" which contains windows, mac, and linux versions of the game as it was at submission.

That's great, thanks!

Ooh, this is such a cool idea! I hope you do end up working on it more-- I'd be particularly interested in WASD support. Great job!

Having now played it (and loving it), I see WASD is included by default. Yay! I did find a pretty hefty bug-- I was placing floor tiles, and wanted to place one beneath the stairs-- silly, I know... but it covered the stairs down, and I then wasn't able to use that tile anymore.

And a smaller problem (or maybe intended), I can't pick up tiles after I place them.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Also I lost my password, so that email address can't play again. My bad!

Ah sorry! We don't have a password reset function set up at the moment cause that involves setting up mailservers and all that jazz.

On the plus side! You can't save without going down the stairs so next time you reload the game the stairs will be back? And yeah at the moment we're not implementing picking up tiles you've placed because it introduces some very weird gameplay logic questions.

And WASD was added in the last update because you requested it so I'm glad it's bringing you joy. :)

Oh, excellent! Thank you so very much! The email address I lost the password for was the one that papered over the stairs, so that works out just fine! So the game only saves when you enter the dungeon? Or also when you leave the dungeon?

Thanks so much for your hard work!