Experiments in nerfing

So in recent playtests of the game we've found that the success rate for action rolls has been a little bit higher than we ideally would like it to be. It leads to some situations that can be disruptive for play. As a result we're going to experiment with some ideas as far as making things feel a little more on balance as far as player success rates and progression. This is gonna take some fiddling so in the meantime we're giving you some options to try out and we'd love to hear your thoughts on how they work and feel:

  • Reduce starting dots from seven to five
  • Make bonus dice from help, gear, and contacts mutually exclusive.
  • Reintroduce position and effect: for each action players ask what their position is (controlled, risky, or desperate) and what their effect will be if successful (great,standard, limited, or none) as a way of enforcing conversation about stakes and realistic outcomes
  • Remove special actions. Dots in digital work, mystical work, and capabilities are the number or spheres or capabilities you have, they don't specifically add extra dice

If you feel like trying out one or more of these in your game before we settle on which direction we want to take, lets us know how you go! Feedback is one of the most valuable ways you can support the game.


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